Can I add multiple users?

Yes you can- here is how

How to add a USER

Click the drop down menu in the top right corner of your screen and select Account Settings then select Users then click the button that says Create User 



The window will then show you Active Users and a Create User button will appear

At this point a new pop-up will appear for you to enter the NEW USER information

You will first select the ROLE for the new user, here are the 4 options and what each of them can do:

  1. Account Admin
    Manage Users (Add/Delete)
    Manage User Permissions (Change permissions on other users)
    Manage call forwarding number
    Manager integrations (Create/Delete)
    Dashboard Access (Y/N)
    Conversations Access (View/Edit)
    Waves Access (View/Edit)
    Flows Access (View/Edit)
    Templates Access
    Contacts (View/Edit/Delete)
    Lists (View/Edit/Delete)
  2. Organization Admin
    Everything except billing and buying or deleting numbers
  3. Super User
    No Organization permissions, just account permissions
  4. Responder
    Conversation and list access only