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Create a template

To send a personalized message in a Wave or Flow, you can create a template with custom dynamic fields.

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On the sidebar menu, click on the Templates Icon.
Once you get into Templates, click CREATE NEW TEMPLATE in the upper right-hand corner and a new screen will appear where you can give your template a name. This name won’t be seen by anyone receiving the texts, it is just to help you know which template you’ve selected.

Now it’s time to write your message! To customize your message for each contact, you can use one of the three kinds of custom dynamic fields.

  1. Account-Based Custom Fields (Your personal/company information)
  2. Contact Fields (Usually the name of the person who will receive the text)
  3. Contact Custom Fields (Any additional customer info. Example: Fav Product)

To add a custom field to your message, just click on the button with the name of the custom field to automatically insert it into your message.

Here is an example of how a customized message should look:

👋 Hi {contact.first_name}! This is Sasha from {user.company}. Thanks for stopping by today. I wanted to let you know that we started using a new texting service 💬  called Respond Flow and I would love to send you updates when we get in new shipments of {contact.fav}! So make sure you save this number and if you ever want to opt-out of texts just reply with STOP. 😀

If you want to add a picture to your message, just drag and drop (or upload) a file into the box at the bottom. If you want to add a link just paste it in the message*. 


When you’re done click CREATE.

Awesome! Now that we’ve crafted your message, it’s time to send it out with a Wave or a Flow!

*In order to ensure maximum deliverability we do not recommend using link shorteners*