What is a Custom Field?

Learn how to use custom fields and understand their purpose is within Respond Flow

Understanding Custom Fields and User-Based Fields

A custom field in the simplest terms is a  means for storing and representing contact data. The stored information can be dynamically inserted into your message templates. For example, (Contact.first_Name) will automatically include your client's name in the message. Most Custom fields will be added to your account via CSV upload. However, there are user-based custom fields as well. For example, your business name, business address, your name, etc. Screen Shot 2021-08-26 at 11.37.40 AM

Why Should I use Custom Fields? 

Custom fields can save you time and allow you to drop your customers into specific buckets/lists. You may use these fields to store whatever information suits your marketing needs. For example, whenever you do a CSV upload, you could create a new column with customer birthdays. Once the upload is complete their birthdays will be stored as a custom field under their contact. From there you could use the custom field to create lists based on the information contained in the field. In practice, this could be sending out a text every month to customers with birthdays and offering them a special discount. 

Integrations and Custom Fields

Custom fields also work to facilitate information moving across platforms. This becomes extremely important when direct integrations come into play. Our POS integrations use custom fields to transfer information into the messenger APP. You may also import custom fields using our Zapier integration. This is useful if you are already collecting custom fields in your existing CRM or POS. If you need additional support setting up Zapier or want to talk about setting up an integration. Please contact help@respondflow.com