What Is The Contact Signup Form?

Article covering everything about our Volt Contact Signup Form

Locating The Volt Contact Signup Form

The first step in using our form will be to navigate to the "Contacts" section in Volt. Within this section under "Actions," there is an option called "Open Contact Signup Form". This form will allow you to collect numbers online or in person. Useful for all the information needed while ensuring that you remain TCPA Compliant

Screen Shot 2021-12-03 at 3.39.48 PM

Pro Tip: If you upload your logo under "Account Settings" It will be displayed on the form. 

Volt Signup Form

Creating a QR Code

Once you have the form open, copy the URL and go to a free QR code generator to create a quick and easy QR code. That way the user can scan the QR code to access the form. Removing friction by saving the customer. My personal favorite QR code generator is The QR Code Generator

Now print out the QR code and place it somewhere that you know the customer is most likely to see it. 

Using the Sign-up Form Online 

It is worth mentioning that you may distribute this form online as well as in person. For example, you could copy the URL and send it to your email subscribers. In addition, you could embed it on your website or use a custom form with Zapier.


By now you should have all you need to start building your contact list. We have several blogs about best practices for texting campaigns that are worth reading up on before starting to text. The secret is to offer value with every message without making it too detailed. Lead customers to a separate RSVP site or send images that hold the event details.