What is Volt?

The Volt texting platform empowers you to connect with customers 1-on-1. Shorten sales cycles, increase conversion rates, and build lifelong customer relationships.

Why Volt? 
Volt is a text message marketing automation tool that was created to help companies build relationships with their customers. We like to focus on compliance, 2-way communication, and growing your audience.

We will accelerate your performance with an SMS channel that drives conversions. With built-in 10DLC checks, you increase deliverability and avoid fines. 

We also offer automation and methods for contact collection.
Start conversations with your customers and see their responses roll in! 
For specific questions please email sales@textvolt.com or help@textvolt.com.
We have three distinct products: 
  • Volt platform: Our browser-based texting application is used for conversational messaging, mass messaging, and automation.
  • API: Our Graphql API is the newest part of the Volt ecosystem. Using our API you can set up custom solutions that meet your business's needs. Check out our documentation here.
  • Whitelabel: Whitelabel allows you to rebrand our platform to fit your brand. For example, you could use our texting software with your name, logos, and colors.