What is the difference between a Wave and a Flow?


A Wave is a mass message blast that you send to one or multiple lists. This is also known as a broadcast, message blast, campaign, etc. Waves are commonly used to promote your brand, drive traffic to your website, get people in the door, etc. 

  • The "Use Volt Text Domain" is our built-in link shortener. 
  • The "Landing Page" feature allows you to use a custom web page to display marketing content. Very useful if you have a large list and do not want to use MMS. 
  • Our Software includes opt-out copy by default in your messages. We STRONGLY encourage all users to leave this option on for every Wave.


A Flow is an automated process that makes an action occur whenever there is a certain event. This will usually be an event that one of your contacts performs. Below is a few examples of popular Flows our clients like to set up. 

  • Text-In to Sign Up - Use our Keyword responder trigger to sign up contacts whenever they text in. 
  • Welcome Flow - Use our "Added to List" trigger to send automatic greetings to new contacts whenever they opt-in or signup. 
  • Keyword Responder - Set up certain keywords that will trigger actions within Volt. For example, you could have contacts text-in "party" to get added to your "Party" list.