How to find your Volt Account ID.

Learn where to find your Volt ID to connect with your Zapier account.

When you are connecting Respond Flow to Zapier you will be asked to authenticate your account so it knows what account to add new contacts to and send messages from.

This is how the authentication looks on the Zapier end:

The first two fields will be your Respond Flow username and password. Use the same information you use to log into your Respond Flow account.

However your Respond Flow ID is a secret number associated to your account that is randomly created to secure your privacy. Here is how you will find it.

Click the dropdown next to your name in the top right of the screen and select Account Settings.

Under Settings select Accounts and then pick the account you want to ID number for.




Once you are in the Account Manager, you will see your Respond Flow ID under where it says General Information.

Enter your Respond Flow ID on your Zapier authenticator and voila! You are now ready to fully automate your account creation.